Drumsticks 2.0

Prijs per stuk.Taking the statement «You are what you eat» as the point of departure, the series Food brings us face to face with the food we eat every day. «Drumstick» is a critique of the meat industry and the fact that we often forget the origins of the food we eat every day. By facing us with a package of stuffed chicken drumsticks, we are reminded that they used to be living animals.

door Noortje Zijlstra

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Noortje Zijlstra
"Beschuit met muisjes"
HxB: 60 x 90 cm - Foto print

Huurpijs € 30,- p/m
Verkoopprijs € 1.500,-
Aanbieding: € 1.300,-

Noortje Zijlstra
"Drumstick 2.0"
HxB: 40 x 30 cm - Foto print

Huurpijs € 18,- p/m
Verkoopprijs € 750,-
Aanbieding: € 675,-

Noortje Zijlstra
"Sugar takes over the world"
HxBxD: 15 x 20 x 10 cm - Taxidermie

Huurpijs € 27,- p/m
Verkoopprijs € 1.400,-
Aanbieding: € 1.275,-