Noortje Zijlstra

Noortje Zijlstra


Noortje Zijlstra (Huizen, 1986)

Noortje Zijlstra’s (1986, Huizen, The Netherlands) artistic work is a reflection of her many fascinations. She is interested in creating artwork that serves as a catalyst for discussion, but her work is also a celebration of nature and beauty. Her work might take the form of objects, photographs or installations, being taxidermy as her main artistic expression vehicle. A medium that allows her to express her love for animals and create artworks that, often in a cynical way, invite the viewer to think about the treatment they receive in the food, clothing or pet industries. Noortje Zijlstra lives and works in The Hague, The Netherlands. She graduated from Fashion from the Willem the Kooning Academy in 2010 to later find her true passion in the creation of visual art. She also holds a degree in Fine Art Education from the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Kunstwerken van Noortje Zijlstra in onze collectie

Noortje Zijlstra
"Beschuit met muisjes"
HxB: 60 x 90 cm - Foto print

Huurpijs € 30,- p/m
Verkoopprijs € 1.500,-
Aanbieding: € 1.300,-

Noortje Zijlstra
"Drumstick 2.0"
HxB: 40 x 30 cm - Foto print

Huurpijs € 18,- p/m
Verkoopprijs € 750,-
Aanbieding: € 675,-

Noortje Zijlstra
"Drumsticks 2.0"
HxBxD: 5 x 10 x 15 cm - Taxidermie

Huurpijs € 9,- p/m
Verkoopprijs € 300,-
Aanbieding: € 265,-

Noortje Zijlstra
"Sugar takes over the world"
HxBxD: 15 x 20 x 10 cm - Taxidermie

Huurpijs € 27,- p/m
Verkoopprijs € 1.400,-
Aanbieding: € 1.275,-