Shigeru Hasegawa

Shigeru Hasegawa


Shigeru Hasegawa (Shiga, 1963)

When Hasegawa returned to Japan in '96 and started showcasing his works, he gained public attention with a huge screen of over 3m. It portrayed motifs like raw meat and ginger in vivid colors, making it resemble a rather uncanny-looking creature. From 2000 onward, his style gradually changed and started to take on an inapprehensible character in which bits and pieces of various images would fragmentarily intertwine.The main themes of his previous work, such as certain people, views and still-lifes have now become concrete in the form of a jar, a human body, or even a curtain. As if they lie over one another, these are drawn with an almost transparent palette within the space of a single painting. This creates a feeling of unrest, as if something was about to occur any time, and pull us into an endless labyrinth. While Hasegawa continues to paint his past images, he bares them of their meaning, and seems to place them within the new story of a single painting.Hasegawa's works have been exhibited before in a group show at Huminate Nagoya, but this individual showcase at Humanite Tokyo is his first one. 8 works are presented, including the ones from this year's India Triennale and a new oil painting he made while staying in Holland this year.

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Shigeru Hasegawa
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