James Cox

James Cox


James Cox (1956)

James Cox was educated at Thurrock where he completed his foundation in art progressing to obtain a B.A.Honours in Fine Art at West Surrey College of Art and Design where he studied between 1976 and 1979. After leaving Art College James Cox travelled widely in France and Egypt gaining new experience and inspiration for his work. On returning to London he helped set up Albion editions printing fine art etchings and silkscreen prints. In 1988 James Cox moved to Italy to work in Florence where he now lives.Inspired by the interplay of light and shadow and color, roses and shells, waves and faces.`I work with watercolor and charcoal. I love the work required for watercolor--the planning, the details, the proportion... and then the creative mistakes that take place. Watercolor is a lesson in how to live. Art is the relationship created between artist and viewer. Each brings their own baggage to a piece occasionally a spark lights a fire in the soul. Revelation, the act of viewing and relating is holy it transcends and enlightens it brings the individual closer to Humanity.``Make time to create to see the world in a different way. I paint outside with my daughter most weekends, time together, teaching and sharing and learning from each othe.`

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James Cox
"Cadenza II"
HxB: 80 x 90 cm - Kleur zeefdruk

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