Armando Cairo

Armando Cairo


Armando Cairo (Amsterdam, 1953)

Armando Cairo studied at the Rietveld Academie and graduated in 1976. He specialized in oil-painting and portrait-painting.He's had exhibitions in: Galerie Mokum, Museum Fodor, Galerie Fynaut, Singer Museum, Arti et Amicitiae, Zienagoog, Artoteek Noord and more recently at Veilinghuis Glerum and the Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum: Slaves and Ships.Armando is especially fond of Flemish and Italian Renaissance painting and he studied the painting-techniques of that era thoroughly. He was guest teacher of both the Rietveld Academie as well as the Academie of Fine Arts in Kampen. His work is collected in the Netherlands and foreign countries. Armando made numerous portraits in commission.

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Armando Cairo
"De Accordeonist"
HxB: 72 x 55 cm - Zwart/wit litho

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